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Concrete Grinding

September 11, 2013 by

Concrete Grinding Services • Concrete Cutting


If you’re reading this, then you probably are having a problem with a raised sidewalk, driveway or other concrete slab dealing with uneven or rough surfaces.

Using our 100% dustless concrete grinding method, Cascade Concrete Sawing & Drilling offers one of the quickest ways to level your concrete imperfections on warehouse slabs, commercial buildings, building complexes as well as walkways to eliminate tripping hazards. Other than costly removal and replacement, this is a prime solution for dealing with uneven concrete surfaces both indoors and outdoors.

Floor grinding uses a diamond segmented, water cooled disc powered by gasoline or hydraulics, which eliminates the production of dust. Though concrete is considered to be one of the strongest materials in the field of construction, it is still susceptible to damage due to wear, tear and exposure to the elements.

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Demolition Services

September 11, 2013 by

Demolition ContractorConcrete Cutting

Our demolition service removes the risk of injury to your site workers. And will also increase your workers productivity. They’re able to focus on other projects, while we handle our own concrete demolition and removal.

  • Concrete demolition that saves you time and money
  • Safe and fast concrete removal
  • Allows your workers to focus on other projects
  • Provides a clean and safe work area
  • Residential and commercial demolition service
  • 4 dump trucks, 1 excavator, 9 bobcats with concrete breakers

Save time and money with our demolition service.

Contact Cascade Concrete Sawing & Drilling for your free estimate.


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Core Drilling

September 11, 2013 by

Core Drilling • Concrete Core Drilling


Do you need a core sample of a concrete structure to test for structural integrity? Core drilling offers a clean, fast and accurate way to drill holes. Core drilling can also be done for a number of applications, to include electrical, phone, HVAC and plumbing. Core drilling speeds up a project. Drilling is done faster, so residential, commercial and industrial utilities can be installed.

Core drilling penetrates through concrete walls and slabs. Cascade Concrete Sawing and Drilling offers an excellent core drilling service. When you need holes for plumbing, manholes, electrical lines or other uses, no one beats our core drilling service.

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Wire Sawing

September 11, 2013 by

Wire SawingConcrete Cutting

One of the latest innovative ways to cut large and thick concrete is by the use of Wire Sawing. Wire sawing is an accurate way to cut larger sections of concrete and steel.

This new technology was developed in the stone quarry industry. A wire saw consists of a wire coated with diamond-tipped cutting beads mounted on a flywheel driven by hydraulics and pulled through the concrete section being cut, executing the cut with precision.

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